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  • We are looking at expanding our business and that of a professional by exploiting the rich stock, commodity market trading and investing segment with our time tested expertise and experience.
  • You can be a Sub Broker of a Stock Broking company, an Insurance Agent, a Mutual Fund Agent, a CA, or a Tax Planner, a Financial Planner. These are the main category of professionals and business person who serve to a client base that we aspire as business associates.
  • However, a working professional with a great group of colleagues, a Real Estate Broker, a Travel Agent and so on can also approach us to be a BA and we will work out the feasibility for this proposal.
  • If you are a small firm, corporate in financial or non financial sector and want to become a Business Associate then also you can approach us and we will work out the association if possible.


  • Talk to us/Connect with us.
  • Register as a BA (Business Associate), get a BA code.
  • Learn from us our products and pitching if you want to sell directly to your clients/references OR make a good list of name, mobile number and email IDs of your proper references/clientele.
  • Send us the list and we will pitch our services to them and try to make them customer.
  • We will send you ‘daily customer pitching report’ about ‘sale attempts’ made to each of your clients/references by email to you and by personal phone call to you too. If you decide to help in closing the sale it is even better.
  • After any customer is closed you will receive BA share/commission of 20-40% depending on slab within 7 days of receipt of payment by us.
  • You will also get daily reporting to services given to each of your customers/references by us in the form of ‘daily customer servicing report’. This way you remain in knowledge of how your customers are being served by us keeping you in the loop if you wish.
  • In case of renewal of services, you will receive the renewal share/commission for life time till the customer is making renewal payment to us.

    We also keep the BA in loop while communicating with the customer and take help of the BA in closing the customer by talking to the customer via phone conferencing with the BA and customer at the same time and use more interactive modes as well.

    Please read and understand further terms and condition before you want to become a BA with us.

    • Payment of money will be accepted only in the authorized bank accounts of our firm in case you want to pitch and close the sale on your own or otherwise as well.
    • If you do not wish to share the detail of your client with us and want to service them on your own, then we will not bear any cost or sms cost, we will deliver necessary service to you and you can deliver back to the customer. in this case also per client charges will not change. We do not recommend this way as our relationship managers are more trained to close the sale and we have better system to serve the customer than if you want to do it yourself. Besides, it engages you for almost the entire day.
    • You can start with few client/references say 10 to check how we/our services work and then increase them once you have full trust on us.
    • If you want to check our service than you can join a refundable fee package of Rs.10,000 specially for BA perspectives. Here, you will get our services and then you will get it refunded after at least one of your customers is enrolled after taking BA ship. If you make loss on our demo service, and do not decide to become a BA, then you receive the entire amount back.
    • We will approve your BA code only after discussion with you. We do not give BA Code to anybody. We want people who are serious and interested; we do not want dead business associates.
    • You cannot put our name or use logo on website or internet marketing. You can do so for private email marketing and on phone and personal meet. As we do not give right for e-marketing to mass to a BA. BA are expected to share genuine leads, their existing customers and references.
    • We expect to have genuine references and not bulk data base of numbers and email IDs. So that at any one time we do not accept more than 50 references and if out of them half are non working and non responsive then the BA ship will be terminated.
    • Caution: Not every client will receive same calls/trades. So if someone is trying to be smart and take 1 client and think to send to more client than one that will not work as at any point of time, we have many clients and so that we follow unique ‘client-segment-sub segment wise grouping’ system.


    Profit Sharing structure for BAs:


    Revenue Rs. % Share of BA
    0 - 50,000 30%
    50,000 - 1,00,000 40%
    1,00,000 above 50%


    Revenue Rs. % Share of BA
    0 - 50,000 25%
    50,000 - 1,00,000 35%
    1,00,000 above 20%

    (Renewals are defined as payment by customers of the same amount in same service/features)


    • We give instant payment of BA share which is within 7 days of receipt of payment by us, while most other firms have practice to do so on monthly or even late basis (if at all they do!)
    • We are a ‘NO FREE TRIAL’ firm. Since establishment, MIR has kept its reputation as premium research and advisory firm. We have never given so called ‘free tips/free trial’ which has in fact haunted and kept the growth of our industry depressed. Here you are joining hands with a real reputed firm.
    • Product: Our product is simple. Profit. Yes, we deliver profits. We follow an approach to talk with the customer, know his capital, his preferences and then convince him to do what we think is best for him. We have an approach of taking control of clients. The reason is that clients do not know what is right for them; otherwise they didn’t need our or your help, didn't they? So, we teach them, educate them and make them aware that profit is only thing they want. High return on margin money that they are putting in their brokerage account for trading purpose. We give ASSURED PROFITS product. The client with Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.2,00,000 margin money usually gets Rs.35,000 profit on payment of Rs.10,000 plus Rs.5000 extra profit as tax and brokerage as well as Rs.10,000 profit as the next round renewal fee to us. That’s it. The charges will be higher and profits will be higher for people who have higher margin money and high appetite for gain and loss.
    • We follow ‘one customer at a time’ approach, so you can rely that your customer will be handled with utmost care. Actually we are not much busy as we do not have to ‘search new customers daily’ like all other advisory companies, because we do not give ‘free trial’. We focus on retaining what we have. Can’t say same for the other so called advisories.


    Below are some frequently asked questions on our Business Associate model

    Q.Who can become a Business Associate?

    A. Mutual Fund Advisors, Insurance advisors, Sub brokers, RM, Dealers of a broking company, Post office agents, CAs, CS, Housewives, students or anybody who have a referral of clients trading or willing to trade in the markets can come and earn huge. You simple have to have good references who you think are able to/afford to invest money for trading and long term as well.

    We also invite proprietary firms, partnership firms, and corporate firms to become our business associate.

    Q.I am a working professional, can I join?

    A.Yes, a working professional can join, in fact those working as Relationship managers, Dealers with broking companies will hugely benefitted via this model.

    If you are a professional and have a good group of colleagues in your company, then also you stand to have a good referrals.

    Q.How many customers/references do I need to provide every month?

    A.There is no target for you but for smooth functioning you should provide around 15-20 good contacts in a month.

    Q.Do I need to provide references of only people who are trading/investing in stock/commodity markets?

    A.No, you can provide reference of also those who can afford to pay professional fee to get investment and trading advisory. They may be completely fresh for stock market or they may be already active as well. But they should be people you know, and we can use your name.

    Q. How much Investment required ?

    A.You will have to invest nothing, ZERO capital required; you only have to forward your referrals/leads to us. And you can help us in closing and service them if you wish or else we will take all the responsibilities while keeping you in loop.

    Q. Will I be given any training on the product, processes etc ?

    A.Yes, our team will be guiding you on the products, processes and product pitching technique in case you want to pitch and close the clients on your own or together with us.

    Q.Do I have to be a part of selling the products to the clients?

    A.Although our relationship managers team will take care of the selling and product pitching part, but they may need your help time to time in customer handling. We appreciate and it is highly profitable when you remain a part of client closing and servicing.

    Q.When will I receive Business Associate share of revenue/commission ?

    A.It is given on the 7th day of the receipt of payment by our firm. Thus, you get share as each of your referrals makes payment to us and not wait for month to end.

    Q.How much is the Business Associate commission?

    A.Please refer to different page for the table of profit share.

    Q.Do I get profit share as BA from the renewals as well?

    A.Of course, we have a bad habit of 99% renewals. Yes, that’s what our business is. We do not search new client daily, in fact there are not much clients (investors, traders in India). We do not provide trial or free tips like all other so called advisory firms. We focus on only only and only delivering profit to the customer so that we can get the renewal. And yes, you also get share from the renewal. Please refer to profit sharing table page for the same.

    Q.Is there any tax applicable on the payment to the business associate?

    A.No, we do not cut any tax or charge on payment to the business associate.

    Q.How much can I earn as a Business Associate?

    A.Most sites will say you will earn 1 lakh and 2 lakh, but the fact is that this is flimsy figure to lure you and part you with your references. With us you can expect to earn between 2000-5000 at least per client. Thus, all will depend on the kind of clients you provide us and the number of them.

    Q.How long is the BA code valid?

    A. Business Associate code will continue to be valid for as long as there is even 1 client active with our firm. You will continue to receive updates/reporting of the same as well as the commission. In case of non-activation of even single client, your BA code will be valid only for 1 year from the time of deactivation of last single client.

    Q.Is there any penalty or charges for not diong business after getting BA Code?

    A.No, but your BA code will be terminated as per above conditions.

    Q.Do I get any travelling, telephone or other expenses while client pitching?

    A.No, at present we do not have such provision.

    Q.Are there any Security Deposit or joining charges?

    A.No, We have waived off the security deposit option as introduction promotion of our BA business model.

    Q.Is there any documentation required?

    A.No, You only need to fill up a BA Code Allotment form and send us a cancelled cheque of bank account you want to get money from us along with a Photo ID and Resident ID proof. That’s it.

    We also do ‘non disclosure’ and ‘non compete’ agreements with those who want to do the same. Otherwise it is not compulsory.

    Q.Do you have special services for HNIs and big traders/investors?

    A.No and Yes, because we treat most of clients alike. However, we have special processes and strategies for achievement of trading and investment goals of the high up category.

    Q.What about the privacy of my client data and referrals ?

    A.All the contact shared by you would be contained to Business Associate department of our firm. The BA himself/herself has a key role in managing each BA client, so there is no question of double crossing the BA. Doing so will kill the entire purpose and benefit of the BA business model for our firm.

    lso, doing so will violate Sebi’s new Investment Adviser Regulation. Those who want to be double sure, we are always welcome to do ‘non compete’ and ‘non disclosure’ agreement’ with the BA.

    Q.Who will talk to me and remain in touch with me?

    A.One of our sales/relationship manager, corporate sales will click the deal with you as well as remain in touch with you.


    MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH is a pure play research and advisory firm. We focus on all types of fundamental, technical analysis and macro economic analysis to provide best trades for trading in various segments like intraday, futures, options, stocks, indices, commodities of mcx and ncdex exchange like gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, and agriculture commodities. One of our team also focuses on currency/forex movement to form strategies to trade in that segment as well.

    We follow the below methods for research and analysis for trading and investments. We also call it FORMULA 8

    • Technical Analysis: Normal technical analysis theories, special technical analysis theories, market profit thinking, intermarket (conceived by John Murphy)
    • Fundamental Analysis= traditional fundamental style, warren buffett style investment philosophy, our own style investment philosophy.
    • Macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis= both global environment national environment
    • Behavioral analysis= event/object anchoring, other facets of Behavioral finance.
    • Insider = information procurement and information anticipation, discounting of information
    • Astrology
    • Market data analysis= put call ratio etc, delivery volume, cash-futures-options patterns, institutional activities, market factor anticipation by observation and assumptions (generally stock specific)
    • Use of strategies of risk management and profit maximization such as use of options, pair trading, hedging, risk reward ratio tweaking, trading across segments and sub segments and so on INCLUDING UNIQUE GROUPING SYSTEM TO SEND DIFFERENT TRADING CALLS TO LARGE NUMBERS AT SAME TIME.


    Success of every Business Partner is main aim of our organisation. Be Successful! Is our motto. You have just taken first step towards a successful journey by becoming a Business Partner. If you really wish to earn huge and want to become a successful Business Partner with us, 10 below success mantra will help a lot:

    • You should be very much interested in earning huge.
    • Understand the products of our firm or help our RM in customer pitching, closing and servicing.
    • You should have a good network of Active Retail and HNI Clients
    • In case of Inactive clients, we will try to motivate them and get back to markets
    • If you are a non-financial category then it is likely that most of your reference base/clientele may be fresh for market. Here also we will try to motivate them educate about the rich opportunities that market offer for income generation by trading and investing and try to service them.
    • Talk your clients regularly and try to convince them about our products.
    • Help our sales people/relationship staff in filtering and product pitching
    • Do an initial client filtration before sending us the prospective leads.
    • Keep in regular touch with our Business Analysts with latest product offering and client feedback
    • Ready to meet and convince new clients for our products.
    • Keep on increasing your client network through your existing and new contacts.
    • Have faith and confidence in Business model and company assign expert.

You can start earning in Stocks/ Commodity investing/trading from today!


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